Not all locations are visually appealing year round, and yet, ask anyone who lives or frequently visits the Smokies, and most agree that every season brings a special sort of beauty to the area. The summer is a time of lush greenery, loud waterfalls, and warm nights ideal for stargazing. The autumn is bursting with astonishing color and offers crisp nights ideal for fireside get togethers. The winter brings peace and an austere sort of beauty to the mountains and valleys. The spring, too, is simply astonishing.

Smokies in Spring

To begin with, the Smokies in spring are incredibly comfortable with highs of the mid-50s to the low 70s in most areas. There is a nice balance of rainy and sunny days, and evening’s temperatures are cool but rarely freezing.

The azaleas and rhododendrons bring bursts of color to the mountains, and as the National Park Service says, “colors range from white to peach to orange, yellow, or red. Blooming time is April and May in the pine and oak forests at low to mid-elevation, but not until June or early July on the mountain tops” giving you all of the spring season and even part of the summer to see them for yourself!

Note that the mountain laurel springs to life in late spring, showing off its pale pink and white blooms, too!

Keep in mind that one of the great things about spring in the Smokies is that the amazing attractions, natural beauty and many outdoor activities are all available, but without summer’s larger crowds. You can take a poky, start-and-stop drive through the National Park, savor silence and peace on most trails, and head into town to enjoy a meal at almost any restaurant without a longer waiting time.

You will find that the waterfalls that dot the landscape are also reawakening in the spring, and they really show off as the snows in the mountains melt. It is definitely the ideal time for a hike at Abrams Falls (just two miles) and a drive around the famous Cades Cove Loop. You could opt for a bike ride, as the daytime temperatures ensure a comfortable experience, or even book a horseback excursion.

The Beauty from the Porch

Of course, one of the other reasons to choose to book a visit to the Peaceful Side of the Smokies in the spring is the abundance of accommodation options. While private cabins are certainly a wonderful option, enabling you to be close to everything but in a world of your own, you’ll find many hotels, campgrounds, inns, lodges and suites, as well.

So, shake off the winter blues by booking yourself a stay in the Smokies for the upcoming spring season. You’ll have so much to look forward to, and the towns of Blount County always have some sort of fun and unique community event or activity to enjoy!