Whether on a weekend getaway or a lengthy vacation with family or friends, a visit to the Smoky Mountains area is always sure to please. A year-round destination for millions of travelers, it is home to a seemingly endless number of outdoor activities. From hiking and horseback riding to skiing and fishing, if you enjoy spending time in pristine wilderness, this part of the world is for you.

The fall season brings cooler weather and stunning natural color to the region, with autumn’s gold and red hues first appearing high in the mountains and gradually making their way to the valleys below. From late August until the end of October, travelers can savor a constantly changing panorama of stunning views, intense foliage and crisp, cool air. While driving and hiking are ideal ways to experience the region, the opportunity for a zipline should not be ignored.

Ziplines and The Smokies

While many parts of the world are ideal areas for zipline experiences, the woods of the Great Smoky Mountains are probably among the very best. After all, the spring and summer bring with it an amazing amount of beauty and lush greenery, but in the fall, it all changes to a nearly magical vista of brilliant and saturated hues. Imagine soaring through the treetops, gazing out at the blue peaks of the mountains, all while immersed in a wonderland of gold, scarlet, saffron and more.

If you are unfamiliar with the activity known as ziplining, you should know that it is a safe and exciting activity, with options suited to people of all ages. In the Smokies, it is amongst the most popular activities, and some of the best sites feature other options on their premises, including hiking, climbing and more. Some of the most family-friendly and scenic companies even make horseback riding options available.

Highly Recommended Zipline Experiences in The Smokies

To ensure you savor the most amazing autumn foliage views on your upcoming visit to the Smoky Mountains area of Tennessee, we recommend the following zipline companies:

Next to Heaven Zipline – One component of Next to Heaven Mountain Adventures, their highly rated zipline experience is noted as one of the most scenic in the entire region. With experts to guide you every step of the way, they are located at 1239 Wears Valley Rd, in Townsend. You can also enjoy unguided horse rides from their premises and explore their 45 acres of scenery over the two-mile trail!

CLIMB Works Canopy – In the busy Gatlinburg area, you can enjoy a long list of activities, including this popular climbing and ziplining site.  With nine different ziplines, and three sky bridges, it ensures you see a lot of the amazing autumn color while enjoying a visit. They are found at 155 Branam Hollow Rd, in Gatlinburg.

There are many other options and sites, but the two above stand apart as some of the most highly rated and reviewed. Surrounded by nature, ziplining is a wonderful way to get a unique perspective of the area and savor the colors of fall.