Ask travel experts and they’ll tell you that “spring break” is a season that can start as early as late in February and run into the middle of April. Typically, March is the peak of the season, and while it is often seen as a time of crazy parties for college kids, a lot of families book getaways while kids enjoy a short holiday from the regular school schedule. Lasting around a week, it is the perfect amount of time to visit a place of natural beauty. If you are considering a spring break vacation this year, you would be hard pressed to find something as ideal as the “Peaceful Side” of the Smokies.

Why a Visit to the Smokies is Ideal in Spring

If you are not sure just where in the Smokies, we suggest you opt for the “Peaceful Side” in the area around Blount County. Why? Well, here are 5 very good reasons to do so:

  • Fewer People – If you have never visited the Smokies, you may not know that it is an area that sees millions of visitors, and the peak of travel is in the summer season. This means that roads, restaurants, shops and even accommodations can be quite full, and if you are eager to really savor your time in places like the National Park, you’ll see a lot of fellow travelers. The spring is also popular, but there are markedly fewer visitors, and this can allow you to experience a sense of having many places all to yourself! Plus, as its name indicates, the Peaceful Side is less crowded and more peaceful than other areas in the Smokies like Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.
  • Nature – There is little that can compare to the beauty of the Smoky Mountain area during the spring months. All of the different colors of green that spring to life from the trees and plants combine with the first blossoms and blooms, the return of migratory birds and the gentle babble of the streams (and even the waterfalls) to make an unforgettable experience.
  • Outdoor experiences and attractions – The return of the warmer weather (daytime highs never reach 80 and night time lows average around 40) means that you can bike, hike, walk, jog, ride your motorcycle, book time at one of the canopy tours, take a brisk ride down the Little River or another body of water, and generally enjoy all of the summer activities with fewer lines and crowds.
  • Budget friendliness – It makes good sense to travel outside of the peak season anywhere in the world, and this applies to the Peaceful Side of the Smokies, too. Traveling in the spring means you don’t pay the higher seasonal rates, saving money and yet giving you access to exactly the same activities.
  • The Cabins and accommodations – One of the most unique things about a visit to the region is the abundance of mountain cabins available to rent. Many are little destinations all on their own with everything from fireplaces to outdoor hot tubs. A spring break at one of these cabins could become your newest and most favorite way to celebrate the arrival of the season.

Whether traveling on your own, with a sweetheart or the whole family, you’ll want to give serious consideration to a visit to the Peaceful Side of the Smokies and its many appealing activities, beautiful scenery, great restaurants and excellent accommodations.