Whether you are someone who counts down the days to next Christmas beginning every December 26th or you are an authentic Grinch, it is impossible not to feel the holiday spirit when you visit the Incredible Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge. It is known as the “largest permanent Christmas retailer in the American South, and one of the largest in the United States.” And before you think you don’t really need to pay a visit to a holiday specialty store, consider that it offers “everything Christmas.”

From ornaments and premium artificial trees to lighting for indoors or out, it also makes musical recordings, gifts, décor of all kinds, collectibles and many other items available. And whether you lean towards the country style of décor or a totally modern look, they’ll have plenty to catch your eye. In fact, a quick look at the categories of products available makes it easy to see that it really can be your go-to destination for holiday shopping whether you visit in July or January.

Even more exciting is the fact that they operate within a unique E.L.F. Philosophy (Empowerment, Leadership and Fun). This is one in which the goal of every employee is to ensure that all guests have a shopping experience that “represents the spirit of Christmas, provided by highly trained, friendly, and caring employees.” Who on earth needs the mall when there are people, whoops “elves,” eager to ensure you have a positive day or two of shopping.

And if you are thinking that it all sounds great but you cannot lug your loot back home with you, think again. With items like full-sized Christmas trees and delicate ornaments as well as perishable items, they understand you may not have room in the car or wish to haul such things into an airport. That is why they have shipping available for any and all purchases. You can have flat rates for standard purchases and specialty rates for express, special locations, or oversized items, too.

If you think that you just won’t be able to walk into such a location and make good choices for your holiday decorating scheme, you may appreciate their decoration services. Available for homes and businesses, they pair you with one of the Incredible Christmas Place designers who listens to your preferences and then works with you to put together a customized holiday decorating scheme that can include everything from bows and ornaments to trees and lighting. They even have expert outdoor lighting teams to help you make flawless plans!

And if you want to enjoy a stay in the Incredible Christmas Place, you can book your room at the Inn at Christmas Place with year-round holiday décor, luxurious rooms and lots to enjoy on the premises.

Whether you want to enhance your holidays or get into the Christmas spirit come July, you will want to pay a visit to the Incredible Christmas Place when you visit Pigeon Forge and the Smokies.