Any visit to the Peaceful Side of the Smokies is a good time to explore the many amazing dining options. But, if you are paying a visit in the winter months, you have every excuse imaginable to indulge in a hearty breakfast. Known as the most important meal of the day, this is particularly true when you are going up against the chilly weather of the winter season. Even if you intend to do little more than cozy up to a crackling fire in your rental cabin, or especially if you are going to head out for a serious day of snowshoeing, skiing, shopping or sightseeing… a good breakfast is a must.

The good news is that you have some truly astonishing choices and may want to just decide to eat breakfast “out” each day of the visit – and maybe book a stop in any of the “all day breakfast” joints to ensure you sample every single option available!

Breakfast on the Peaceful Side of the Smokies

Gracie’s Restaurant

A Maryville classic, this restaurant emphasizes fresh ingredients for all three meals a day! If you want a home-style breakfast in a friendly and appealing setting, this is one to try.

Country Steak n’ Eggs

A newcomer to the area, it is a destination for fans of all things breakfast. Offering their namesake dish along with country classics like biscuits and gravy or country ham and eggs, it is tucked along the river in Townsend and provides scenery with its tasty foods.


Located in Alcoa, it is a “just like Grandma’s” sort of spot that offers amazing breakfast platters that cannot leave you hungry!

Snoring Bear Diner

Serving all meals, and noted for its peanut butter pie or grilled mac and cheese, it offers stick-to-ribs breakfasts for those with a serious appetite in the Walland area.

Savory Rootz

With a motto that says if it “ain’t made with love, it ain’t fit eat’n”, this Alcoa restaurant specializes in casual dining and local foods, and promises a creative menu with a twist on traditional breakfast dishes (like their fried chicken biscuit with sausage gravy!)

Great Choices Further Afield

If you are willing to head anywhere in the Blount County area, you’ll find that some of the best options include:

Crockett’s 1875 Breakfast

Skillet cinnamon rolls as big as your head and all of the breakfast favorites make this the perfect place to start the day. Everything has a wonderful twist, such as pecan smoked bacon or cathead stackers, and so much more.

Sawyer’s Farmhouse Breakfast

The name says it all and you can expect enormous portions, farm fresh ingredients and more than enough in the way of choices. You may find yourself heading back just so you can sample a few more items on the huge menu.

Lil Black Bear Café

Located in Pigeon Forge, it is popular for family breakfasts and meals, and offers up healthy, hearty and fresh fare throughout the day.

Elvira’s Café

Save this Sevierville establishment for a brunch experience as it is noted for this particular specialty. An all day eatery, you can get lots of local dishes along with hearty breakfasts.

Don’t forget other highly-rated area eateries such as the Black Bear Café, Misty Morning Café, Rosy’s Café, TC’s Grill, The Iron Skillet, Farmacy, OliBea and so many others.