Located just outside Maryville, TN, is a local sight that many visitors pass right by, without even realizing what they’ve missed. Nestled into the heart of the peaceful side of the Smokies is the Blue Goose Vineyard and Winery, a family-owned business that produces some of the best wine in the state. The winery operates under the Appalachian spirit of farm-to-table – everything needed to create, store, package, and sell the wine is located right on the family vineyard, which has been in the family for five generations. Here’s why any wine lover should stop at the Blue Goose when visiting Maryville.

Have a Chic Date at the Rustic Farm Winery

The tasting room of the winery is located in the classic barn that was transformed from a working barn to a chic gathering space. Relax in the beautiful area while you sip, check out the gift shop, look at art from local artists, and more. The wine is a traditional Appalachian muscadine, which is sweet but not overly so. Whether your palette is very dry or more familiar with dessert wines, you’ll love Blue Goose.

The property is also home to livestock and crops – it is a real working farm in every sense of the phrase. You’ll be able to see some of the livestock and farm life as you visit, which makes it a unique adventure if you’ve never had the chance to see a farm up close before. The winery is open to visitors Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 11AM to 6PM, and Friday from 11AM to 7PM.

Bring a Bottle of Blue Goose Home

A bottle of locally made wine is the perfect gift to bring home to family or friends, or for your own souvenir. Grab a bottle to take with you back to your cabin rental, hotel, or RV while you stay with us here in the Maryville area, and enjoy your night like the locals do. The wine selection is quite varied, so you can try a little of everything, or stick to your favorites.

The property is also used for local events frequently. The winery can be rented out for a wedding, a community event, and more. In recent years, the community held an eclipse-viewing event here, and many of the locals came by to get a good look at this celestial wonder – and sip some local wine, of course!

Make This Local Gem a Must on Your Vacation Itinerary

Find out more about Blue Goose or take a look at their wine menu online. The winery is a fantastic way to have a relaxing afternoon before you head into the city for dinner reservations, or as a way to wind down after a day of fun.