With the scenic natural beauty and the many adventures the Great Smoky Mountains has to offer, it makes the perfect backdrop for your next business meeting or conference. After your meetings are complete, step out and see what this Appalachian area has to offer.  Include a group hike up the mountains, a visit to one of Blount County’s many attractions or even a team-building exercise uniting everyone in business AND pleasure.

“It is important that business-related meetings or conferences remain professional, but it never hurts to add a little fun to the event,” said Tami Vater, director of Tourism for the Smoky Mountain Tourism Development Authority.  “Exciting opportunities are numerous in our area for you to let loose and enjoy Appalachia at its finest.  And that’s what makes Blount County an ideal destination to host such a gathering.”

Blount County is home to many attractions and opportunities unique to East Tennessee.  From high-energy, outdoor sports to relaxing by a glistening creek or stone fireplace, there are both exciting and peaceful activities to experience.

With more than 800 miles of trails meandering through the Smokies, a group hike would be ideal to enjoy after sitting through an all-day meeting or conference.  Meeting attendees would have the opportunity to take in the wonder of the mountain scenery and enjoy breathing in the crisp mountain air during a stroll up a winding mountain trail.  A hike would give visitors a chance to see wildlife native to the area and to enjoy a nature exploration together.

“Any work-related stress is lifted when enjoying a fun, interesting outing with business associates; and in turn, business relationships grow, and productivity increases,” said Vater.

Horseback riding – a popular pastime in the Smokies – is another unique activity to enjoy while visiting the area for a business meeting or conference.  Whether the group consists of experience riders, first-timers or a mix of the two, many riding stables in the area, such as Cades Cove Stables, provide anyone with the opportunity.  Riding up a mountain trail on horseback while enjoying the mountain air and breathtaking scenery will be a fun and relaxing break from the seriousness of a business meeting.  But if the group prefers to sit back and relax, the Stables also offer mule-drawn hayrides throughout the Cove.  This will give the group a chance to sit, enjoy each other’s company and take in what the Smokies have to offer.




The group can enjoy the splendour of Cades Cove and East Tennessee nature by scheduling a unique tour experience with Cades Cove Heritage Tours.  Regular 3- to 4-hour tours are available from April 15 to November 15, but special group tours with a minimum of 10 people are available year round upon request.  The Heritage Tours provide a look into the history, personal stories and ecology that make Cades Cove so unique, and everyone can enjoy the scenery without having to worry about traffic.

With a high number of attractions in the area, many offer special group rates, making an enjoyable outing for the entire group convenient and economically appealing.

For more group activities and experiences to make your next meeting in the Smokies a success, visit www.MeetingsandMountains.com.