Part of the attraction of the Smoky Mountains comes from the beautiful wildlife and ample produce found in the area.




Sheri and Russell Liles have taken advantage of resources around us and opened Liles Acres Organic Farm, located in Maryville. When they opened the farm in 2005, their goal was to develop sustainable solutions to food and energy production, and they have done just that! From fresh chicken eggs, honey tastings straight from the hive and day hikes on the back of llamas, Sheri and Russell’s farm provides visitors with a wonderful, sustainable experience.




They continue to work closely within the local community to provide healthy organic food and the education needed to perpetuate these resources. So next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop by Liles Acres Organic Farm and let Sheri and Russell enlighten you with their organic and sustainable food knowledge!

Visit them online here: