Everyone knows what 3 PM feels like, that particular circumstance when it’s too early for dinner, but you’ve been busy sightseeing and shopping since lunch and are ready for a break. You feel a little tired, a little listless…you really could use a break, after all.

Plenty of breaks are designed to be as quick as possible – maybe a trip to the vending machines, or a quick snack from a gas station. Some days this just doesn’t feel right, though. There has to be a little more enjoyment in those few moments we have with ourselves and our nearest and dearest, doesn’t there – especially when you’re on vacation? A chance to step away from what you’re doing and treat yourself could be just the thing to get you back on track.

Head to the Fudge Kitchen and Sweet Shoppe!

The Little River Village Fudge Kitchen and Sweet Shoppe, at 8521 E Lamar Alexander Parkway in Townsend, Tennessee, is a hidden gem in the Smokies region. It has a little something for everyone, with delicious fudge, ice cream, and other sweets, as well as souvenirs like T-shirts and bear-themed items, like bear backpacks. The goodies are fresh, and the service is friendly. Oh, yeah, and about that fudge itself?

The Fudge is Incredible

Something pretty great is coming out of the kitchen at the Fudge Kitchen and Sweet Shoppe: fudge! OK, no surprise there – but what will surprise you is just how good this fudge is, and how many different flavors there are. With over a dozen varieties available, including creative flavors like Jelly Donut, Better than Butterfinger, Pumpkin, and Carrot Cake, plus stalwarts of the fudge trade, like Peanut Butter and Maple Nut, there’s sure to be one that’s a perfect match for your taste buds. You don’t even have to buy to try; they offer free samples.

There’s Amazing Ice Cream, Too

The Fudge Kitchen and Sweet Shoppe serves hefty scoops of Blue Bell ice cream, known for its mastery of classic flavors like rocky road, Dutch chocolate, mint chocolate chip, strawberry, and chocolate chip cookie dough, as well as southern favorites like banana pudding and buttered pecan. They’ll even dip your cone in chocolate for you! There’s nothing like sitting down with a few good scoops piled on top of a cone in the middle of a summer afternoon, is there?

Why Not Stop By Today?

Every lifetime comes with a few regrets, but squeezing in a few moments with friends and family, sharing delicious treats made with care, is never one of them. The Little River Village Fudge Kitchen and Sweet Shoppe closes in the winter, so don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to treat yourself. Make a few moments perfect with handcrafted fudge, and enjoy some of the best flavors in the Smokies while you can!