Are you looking for your next great day trip idea? There are plenty of things to do in the Townsend, TN area, but none can quite equal the fun of spending the day at Next to Heaven Mountain Adventures. This ranch offers great family fun and spectacular mountain views that are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime. Next to Heaven is the only ranch to offer unguided horseback rides and zipline rides.

The Zipline

Rather than start with the horseback rides, let’s take a quick (no pun intended) look at the ziplines. The zipline at Next to Heaven is listed as one of the longest in the Smokies with 9 different lines to choose from that will take you soaring out of the trees while you enjoy incredible views of the Great Smoky Mountains.

The staff will help get you outfitted with a helmet, a harness, and anything else you need. After filling you in on the instructions and rules, off you go. This is your chance to soar over the trees, taking in the incredible fresh Smoky Mountain air as you fly free as a bird. This may be one of the most amazing adventures you and your family will ever have.

Now for the Horse Rides  

At Next to Heaven, you can enjoy the only hour-long unguided horseback rides in the Great Smokies. The 7-mile trail winds through some 45 acres of what many describe as the most beautiful scenery in the Smokies. Along the ride, you come across overlooks that let you see seven different mountain ranges. Depending on the weather, you can see all the way to North Carolina.

The staff will fit each member of your party with a horse that matches them for size and riding ability. Once you take off, you get the chance to see the local flora and fauna along with wildlife in a way that can only be seen at the slow but steady pace of being on a horse. Capture the moment with pictures, videos, or simply drink in the Zen-like experience with as much of the fresh mountain air as your lungs can handle.

Immerse yourself in the experience and let the peace and quiet wash your stress away, even if only for an hour. The ride to the top of the mountain is nothing short of amazing, but when you reach the top, you can truly see what can only be described as “some of God’s greatest work.” Enjoy the ride from atop Appy, Big Red, Stormy, Dakota, or one of the other very gentle horses and create memories your family will never forget. You can even take your little ones for the ride by placing them in front of you, giving them the thrill of a lifetime.

No matter what else you pack along with you, be sure to pack a camera so you can create a separate album covering the fun you had at the Next to Heaven Mountain Adventures. Be sure to book early as this is a very popular attraction in Townsend, TN. Contact the ranch at (865) 448-6947 for more information and to book your adventure.