The Great Smoky Mountains are truly a nature lover’s paradise, and the best way to explore this incredible area in Tennessee is on foot. One of the great things about Blount County is that there are plenty of day hiking trails that are ideal for the whole family, including the little ones. When you decide to take small children out for a hike, be sure you choose trails that are less strenuous, and pack plenty of snacks and water. Here are three of our favorite day hikes in the Smokies that are perfect for your little ones.

The Trail to Abrams Falls

The Abrams Falls trail starts out in Cades Cove and covers a total of 5.2 miles by the time you make the round trip. The cool thing about this trail is that it is listed as moderate in difficulty, which makes it perfect for most kids. You can even backpack the littlest members of your family if needed. Following the trail takes you across several footbridges until you reach the falls that drop 20 feet down a rocky slope. Be sure you prepare your kids for the few rougher areas of terrain you will encounter, then enjoy the many forms of wildlife you might be lucky enough to see on your hike, especially black bears.

The Schoolhouse Gap Trail

If you are a lover of wildflowers, you simply must take your family along the Schoolhouse Gap Trail during the spring months. Spring is the time of year when the incredible wildflowers that grow in the Smoky Mountains are at their peak beauty. Your kids will love this 3.8-mile trail with its gentle climb. The trail is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers just getting started on what may become a lifelong hobby. The trail runs along a creek, which, once it warms up, is an excellent place for your kids to cool off and splash around in. As you walk along, you can see glimpses of the mountain peaks through the trees.

The Maryville-Alcoa Greenway

If you prefer a paved trail, the Maryville-Alcoa Greenway may be just what you are looking for. It runs close to the city and winds its way through schools, shopping centers, parks, and places to stop for a picnic. There are lots of places to take a break from the trail, perfect for when your kids need something new to keep them occupied. The trail passes through vast expanses of greenery and over several tiny hills, which are sure to delight the younger members of your family as you walk along. This is the perfect hike for those who want to enjoy a nice walk without having to be out in the woods.

Blount County offers a number of hiking trails that meet the needs of hikers at all skill levels. They make a great way to get your family out in the fresh air and sunshine. Try different trails each time and experience all the Great Smoky Mountains and Blount County have to offer you and your family.