Autumn is upon us, and that means it’s time to break out everybody’s favorite fall traditions. Whether you’re in the mood for corn mazes, haunted houses, apple picking, or any of the rest of the season’s highlights, if you’d typically enjoy them with a beer or a glass of wine, consider trying a hard apple cider to really capture autumn’s spirit.

There are plenty of locally-made hard apple ciders to choose from, and they’ve got all the flavors of the season, brewed, bottled, and available to people in Blount County.

Wyile Cider in Sevierville

You’ll find plenty of varieties to choose from at Wyile Cider in nearby Sevierville. Made in small batches since 1998, this cidery offers both sparkling sweet and sparkling dry hard apple cider, as well as 16 other flavors of hard apple cider.

Featuring everything from blueberry to mango to blackberry to mulled cider, this cidery’s ciders all have an apple base and natural fruit concentrates or extracts, and all the apples are sourced exclusively from Appalachian orchards. Ciders are aged from 3 to 12 months and are made without any added sugars or chemicals. You can visit the Wyile Cidery for tastings by going to the Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park at 3757 Thomas Lane in Sevierville.

Mill Bridge Winery in Pigeon Forge

If you’ve got a mix of wine and cider lovers heading out for an afternoon or evening’s tasting, you won’t want to miss the Mill Bridge Winery over in Pigeon Forge. They offer four different hard apple ciders, including the South Cider, a blend of different kinds of apples, the Cider House Blues, featuring sweet apples and blueberries, their Farmhouse Cider, an English-style dry apple cider, and finally their Iconic Tonic, with a fresh honey taste and crisp lemon finish.

Unbeatable wines are also available, of course, and you’ll find the Mill Bridge Winery at 3331 South River Road in Pigeon Forge, just off the Parkway and Old Mill Avenue. Mill Bridge Winery is also a member of the Rocky Top Wine Trail, so be sure to visit them if you’re on a tasting trip!

Round 6 Brewing in Maryville

Craft beer enthusiasts who want to mix it up with a little cider are in luck. They can stay in Blount County and visit Round 6 Brewing, where they offer a hard pear cider on tap from Bold Rock Hard Cider that’s a blend of New Zealand pears and apples from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Considered “refreshingly delicious” and “superbly drinkable,” this pear cider is sure to satisfy even the “apple-only” purists among cider drinkers.

Family owned by Will and Kathy Wesselman, Round 6 also offers beers from around the United States and Europe, and can be visited at 427 Whitecrest Drive in Maryville.