Wandering through an antique store is a little like having a time machine that lets you visit different eras in the history of the area you happen to be visiting. Like many areas on the eastern side of the country, Blount County has a long and storied history, and it can be seen as you wander through the many antique stores in the county.

More Than Just Local Fare

While some of the antique stores in Blount County stick to local antiques, in others you will find treasures and trinkets from around the world. From gifts for your friends and family to heirloom treasures destined to be passed down through many generations of your family, you can find these and more as you shop. Here are four of the top antique stores in Blount County that are well worth taking the time to check out while you are in the area.

The Druid Hills Antique Mall

Located at 2726 Druid Hills Dr, in Maryville, TN, the Druid Hills Antique Mall has a little bit of everything for just about anyone. Looking for that original vinyl copy of Led Zeppelin II or maybe some old Hank Williams records? You might discover what you are looking for and more. From old tools, vintage clothing, to furniture and trinkets, you never know what you might find roaming throughout the mall. Virtually every inch of the floors, walls, shelves, and even the ceiling seem to be covered in a cornucopia of antiques and bric-a-brac for you to browse.

Rivermill Antiques Etc.

If you find yourself in Walland, you simply must stop in Rivermill Antiques, Etc. on E. Lamar Alexander Parkway. Far more than just another antique store, you can find just about anything imaginable here. They have glassware, pottery, both antique and quality used furniture, décor items, collectibles, and so much more throughout the shop. Not only do they sell antiques and other items here, but they also offer to sell items on consignment, rent out spaces for you to sell your items in, and are always interested in buying antiques to put on sale in the store.

The Shoppes at Homespun

The Shoppes at Homespun is located behind Blount Memorial Hospital in the Old Cherokee Lumber Co. building in Maryville. Stepping inside the doors is like taking a step back in history. The Shoppes offers a fantastic selection of primitives, vintage items, period and boutique clothing, and a wide variety of creative décor items. Through the doors, you will find aisle after aisle of booths selling an incredible range of items that are continually changing.

Hoo La La Vintage Market

Over at Foothills Plaza in Maryville, you should step into Hoo La La, where you will find an antique store with a focus on items that fit into many categories, including used, antique, arts & crafts, and items on consignment sale. Hoo La La also offers a selection of elegant distressed furniture finished onsite. You can hear the team working on their next project in the backroom while you wander around the front of the store.

These are only a small sampling of the many antique stores to be found throughout Blount County. There are so many of them to choose from that it can take several days to visit them all. Be sure to take your time and check them all out; you might be surprised at what you find!