One of the best reasons to visit the Smoky Mountains is the chance to explore the gorgeous view up close and personal. You don’t have to be an athlete to get an amazing adventure in the Smokies. There are many beautiful places to drive, with loops that don’t have traffic passing through – so you can take your time cruising by the sights. Think of it as a hiking trail for your car. This is a great way to enjoy the Smokies if you have young children, older or disabled family members, or just want to stay in the air conditioned car while you explore!

Driving Tours in the Smokies: Foothills Parkway West

This is a 17-mile one-way trip that stretches between Townsend and Chilhowee Lake. You’ll drive through the Chilhowee Valley, seeing green stretches of mountain all along the drive. It’s a gorgeous part of the Foothills Parkway that shouldn’t be missed. You’ll also see Cumberland Mountains along the way, and if you want to walk part of the way, you can get out at the Lake and take a 15-minute hike up to Look Rock. This is a great place to get a scenic view of the whole area before you head back.

Drive Along the Appalachian Trail As Long as You’d Like

Another great way to get a view of the Smokies is to hit Newfound Gap Road. This trail starts in Gatlinburg, passes through Blount County, and stretches all the way into North Carolina. You can drive for as long as you like, and the trip will take you up to the highest point of the National park, at 5,046 feet. You’ll see everything from pine-covered forests to rolling hills, to beautiful mountain peaks along the way. There are stops for hiking and resting, as well.

Cades Cove: Famous Among Driving Tours in the Smokies

The most famous driving tour in the Smokies is Cades Cove, an 11-mile loop that is separated from the main road. You can really take your time driving through this area to see historic buildings, wildlife, and gorgeous scenery. You can stop and explore the old buildings, like the historic churches and working grist mill, as well as log cabins and barns. There are many stops that lead to hiking trails, such as the five-mile loop to Abrams Falls, if you want to stretch your legs. You’ll see things like fox, turkey, deer, and maybe even a distant black bear as you drive by.

Come Visit the Peaceful Side of the Smokies

Here in Blount County, the peaceful atmosphere of the mountains defines the local lifestyle. After your wonderful drive through the view, come visit us to relax and unwind!