If you like to seek out the more unusual places to visit — the stranger sights to see — then you need to check out the Dark Island Swinging Bridge in Townsend, TN. While you are spending time in the area, you have to take a few minutes out of your day to discover this amazing bridge and if you are brave enough to walk out on it, you can look down into the beautiful Little River. However, one thing you should know is that you can only go on one end of the bridge. The other end leads out onto private property.

Finding the Dark Island Swinging Bridge

Any of the locals here in Townsend can tell you how to get to the Dark Island Swinging Bridge; it sits right behind the Little River Railroad and Lumber Museum. Since it is such a popular place for tourists to stop, there is a small parking lot. The bridge itself is strong enough to hold four adults at a time as long as everyone doesn’t do a lot of bouncing around.

Keep in mind the bridge is old and made of wood, so you should be careful as you walk out on it. Don’t worry, it’s not likely to fall into the river as it is well maintained. The views from the bridge up and down the river are spectacular. Be sure to bring your camera, because there are several great photo opportunities you must take advantage of.

One of the Last Public Access Swinging Bridges

The Dark Island Swinging Bridge is one of the last swinging bridges in the area that is still open to the public. It’s a great place to bring your family for some really cool photos or for a stop on your school’s next field trip. You don’t have to stay long, it only takes a few minutes to see all there is to see here, but you will find the stop more than worthwhile.

Looking for a stellar spot to exchange wedding vows? Why not have your entire wedding party standing by as the two of you and the person officiating your wedding stand in the middle of the bridge. Talk about a unique spot to get married, and the photo opportunities are not to be believed.

The Dark Island Swinging Bridge is only one of the many places to visit during your stay in Townsend. Many people come here to spend as much time as possible in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and, to be sure, there is so much to see there. But when you want a quiet spot to take a break and maybe a few pictures of your family for the memories, be sure you take a little time out of your day to stop in at the bridge.

You might have to spend a few minutes waiting for your turn to walk out on it, but this is a great time to get to know someone new (those in line with you). The Dark Island Swinging Bridge may be one of the best kept secrets in the area, but the locals will always be happy to help you find it.